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Bird Cliffs Bird Cliffs Bird Cliffs
We sailed out of Simpson Bay, around the airport and up the west side of the island past Maho, Cupecoy, Bay Long, and Plum bay before we turned east along the Falaise des Ouiseaux (Bird Cliffs).

Belle Creole Lover's Beach Friar's Bay
After we passed by Nettle Bay, the ruins of La Belle Creole appeared. The complex has been purchased and may reopen. Lover's Beach is that spit of sand in the cebnter of the center photo and Friar's bay appears on the left.

Happy Bay Riding the bow Creole Rock
We tried to stop for snorkeling and lunch in Happy Bay but it was pretty rough so we sailed out. Some people rode the bow on the way to Creole Rock in Grand Case.

Molly Smith Point Happy Bay Friar's Bay
After lunch we headed back. The first shot is Grand Case receding behind Molly Smith Point. The center is longer shot of Happy Bay and the last shot is a closeup of the beach bar at Friar's Bay where we stopped for a bit more snorkeling.

Marten It's a tough life out here, sailing all day, catching fish, and other things.

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