Funseaker Créole Rock has the best snorkeling on St Martin featuring sea turtles, barracuda, tangs, puffers, moray eels, lobsters, starfish, trunkfish, and more. Funseaker starts in Anse Marcel, stops at Creole Rock to take on more passengers and a bit of snorkeling before a trip to Tintamarre and on to Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla for a great lunch and a great lounge. Funseaker leaves Anse Marcel at 8:15AM, a long drive and an early start for those of us on the other side of the island. We opted for a 9:15 pickup at Grand Case. Funseaker

Secret beach Tintamarre beach
We sailed east from Créole Rock, past Anse Marcel and saw a very secluded beach as we left St Martin. You can walk from Anse Marcel or arrive by boat, no cars, cabs, or buses. On the right is the beach at Tintamarre. Below is north eastern quadrant of St Martin as seen from Tintamarre.

St Martin

turtle Mud This entire quadrant of the coastal waters from Créole Rock to the southern end Orient Beach is a nature preserve, so we saw several turtles. It was possible to get fairly close with snorkel gear, but a telephoto lens also worked. The middle photo shows why people used to come to Tintamarre. Look to the right of sailboats to the cliff and in particular to the dirt. When mixed with seawater, it made a wonderful exfoliant. So much so that the environmental police now have it protected. We sailed west and a bit north to get to Rendezvous Bay on the south coast of Anguilla, arriving at the rather quiet beach bar (below).

Beach bar

The CuisinArt Resort is at the western edge of the bay, but we stopped at beach bar in the center of the bay. On the right you see one of the things that Anguilla has: shallow water that turns turquoise in the sunlight. The gentle slope also leaves large beaches as the center photo shows. The far right is the last thing I saw before I fell asleep on the chaise longue.

view sky sky

Funseaker has snorkels, goggles, and stand-up paddleboards, snacks and drinks as we sailed. Our lunch was included in the price. It's a nice touch if you are a picky eater, or allergic, you have the entire menu available and a land based chef who can more easily make menu modifications. It also leaves the crew more attentive to your drinking requirements! The far right photo is half of Now or Never. He graciously performed several songs for us as we battled some chop heading home. view sky

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